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What a brilliant Saturday afternoon (15th)! 36 ringers attended our very first Ringing Festival. An informal striking competition, a treasure hunt and a superb ringers’ tea, all occur from 2.00 pm at Gamlingay.

The draw was made for teams to ring in the Rounds, Call Changes and Change Ringing categories.

Buckden, Gamlingay, Great Gransden and Ramsey towers were represented and ringers from other towers joined in too.

The judges, Cass Boocock (Gamlingay) and Peter Mackley (St Ives) described each team’s ringing and announced each section’s winners.

Host Tower Gamlingay

Winners: Method section: Ramsey

Call Change section: Great Gransden

Rounds section: Buckden

Well done to all the ringers. Some were taking part in a striking competition for the first time. Congratulations to the winning teams and thanks to the judges for their constructive comments, and Sheila George for setting the quiz, which Mel Sherwood won. Everyone was awarded a medal, large chocolate ones for the winners and smaller medallions for all others taking part. Each team received a certificate.

The tea was excellent – thank you to the catering team, and super thanks to Caroline Stevens (Dist Sec) for organising the whole afternoon.

The Winning Teams

R-L 1 Emily Portridge, 2 Cathy Moulton, 3 Elspeth Novice, 4 Harry Palmer, 5 David Paynter, 6 Mel Sherwood

R-L 1 Sheila George, 2 Josh Crutch, 3 Sheila Prest, 4 Hazel Pettit, 5 David Prest, 6 Tricia Williams

R-L 1 Philip Miles, 2 Margaret Murray-Smith, 3 Celia Walker, 4 Fiona McGregor, 5 Karen Miles, 6 Timothy Walker

The Method Bands

The Call Changes Bands 

The Rounds Bands 


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