Huntingdon District Win the Inter-district Striking Competition

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Association news-Update for the district offices
Front Row Owen Davis, James Gamble, Catherina Griffiths, Caroline Stevens,
Back Row Geoff Durrant, Nick Smith, Peter Mackley, Alban Foster

Before the AGM, the results were given of the inter-district 8-bell striking competition held at Over. The judge was Brian Meads from Essex. He commented on how difficult the bells are, with long and stretchy ropes making the front bells particularly tricky to handle.

In summary, he said that none of the bands were outstanding but there were no major clashes in the ringing, and the faults were evenly scattered.

Team 1 (Hunts) test piece was well rung, especially by the treble and tenor ringers.

Team 2 (Wisbech) struggled and the ringing was more irregular. It improved slightly.

Team 3 (Ely) was similar to team 2 with a slightly better rhythm.

Team 4 (Cambridge) was more uneven but there were no method mistakes.


1st Hunts 53 faults.

2nd Ely 83 faults,

3rd Wisbech 85 faults.

4th Cambridge 110 faults.

Well done to our team who received the trophy. They were: 1. Owen Davis, 2. James Gamble, 3. Catherina Griffiths, 4. Caroline Stevens, 5. Geoff Durrant, 6. Nick Smith, 7. Peter Mackley, 8, Alban Foster (C)

Commiserations to the other teams, but a special mention to Wisbech who entered for the first time in many years.

Bob Cox presenting the The E. H. Mastin Trophy to Alban Foster, conductor of the Hunts District winning team


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